We help you to impress!

Everything is important to us. And that is why we offer a large variety of services for your event or meeting.

Virtual Events

Would you like to meet your employees, suppliers and partners via virtual meetings?

We can livestream any type of gathering from the two-person meeting to your company’s General meeting. We will support you with the tools to activate and keep people on the other side of the screen engaged in the meeting. We believe that every meeting is important. Therefore, we want to assist you with the content of the meeting and offer you the technical support to make your virtual meeting as genuine as it is IRL.

Kick-off – inspires to success

Who doesn’t look forward to a kick-off?

Sometimes we need a kick-off to a new project, a new year or anything that needs to be launched. Setting strategies and guidelines, recharging batteries together with your colleagues in an inspiring environment is a win concept for both small and large companies/organizations. Sometimes we need a kick-off to a new project, a new year or anything that needs to be launched. Setting strategies and guidelines, recharging batteries together with your colleagues in an inspiring environment is a win concept for both small and large companies/organizations.

Conferences – educates and creates commitment

A conference will educate and entertain while employees have the opportunity to build relationships.

Large or small, in Sweden or abroad, it does not matter. We combine good ideas with professional implementation that enhances the appearance and message to be communicated.

We know what it takes for a conference in order to be successful. We can help you with anything, from booking a conference center or a hotel, to creating invitations, visual identity, book lecturer, technology, dinners and happenings.
We create conferences that give participants something to look forward to and employees who leave filled with inspiration and commitment.

Annual General Meetings

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is one of the companies’ meetings for the year, perhaps the most important one.

You must convey a strong feeling for the company’s future and instill confidence in shareholders, the board and the media. This trust is created through a well-thought-out and well-conducted AGM.

You take care of the strategies and we take care of the whole. Everything from sound, lighting, stage, stage props, podiums, images, videos, big-screen production, camera documentation, web streaming, speaker support, interpretation, profiling, flow and logistics.

We can be your partner and, with a firm hand, guide you and your company to a successful meeting. We understand the importance of making a good impression when it is time for your AGM.

Fairs & Exhibitions

Surely that’s right? Therefore, we build ourselves, or with our carefully selected partners; exhibitions, fairs, ideas and concepts for the stands, shop fitting, and we also do the assembling, printing of banners and messages, warehousing and logistics.

Together with you, we are happy to develop ideas and concepts for stand production and help you with printing of banners and messages as well as with warehousing and logistics.

Conferences abroad

Anyone who has ever planned a trip knows how much work is required.

Let yourself and your employees have a conference in a pleasant and relaxing environment. Get new impressions, recover your energy and let us take care of the rest. We assure a top quality to your next conference abroad and we make sure we choose a destination that will minimize travel time and will maximize time on site. We have followed our customers to exciting destinations such as

Rome, Palma de Mallorca, New York, Nice, Istanbul and Budapest, where our program was tailored specifically for each customer.

Let us take care of the rest – because we are more than happy to do so

Ceremonies & Anniversaries

Whether it is a new office to be inaugurated, a new collaboration that should be celebrated or a project that has been completed, we will gladly help you with ideas on how to convey your message to your guests in a festive atmosphere.

We have extensive experience of project management and delivering experiences that make an impression. We start from your profile and purpose of the event to create the best solution for your particular company. Take the opportunity to nurture and develop your relations with customers, suppliers and partners.


Go out and meet your target group where they are.

We help you present your message to your external or internal target group on tour around the country. We adjust the format so you will get the desired effect.

Learn from our experience to meet your audience where they are. We follow you from the start to the end.

We can also help you with

With over 20 years of experience in creating attractive event concepts and with the ability to rapidly translate ideas and strategies into action makes us a trustful and valuable partner – regardless of format!

We create and design the event in every detail. Everything from the small management group meeting to the big event with several thousand participants. We see and understand your needs and goals.

With high creativity and strong commitment, we create solutionns that give an impression where we help companies and organizations to achieve their goals through attractive meetings and events.

Easy, smooth and accurate! Feel free to challenge us. We promise to challenge you back 🙂

The telefax machine is dead – Long live the Internet! We know that it can be complicated with lists and administration relating to participant management. Therefore, we built a tool to easily receive reports and compile the information in a clear manner. The tool includes features for sending reminders, ticket generation, confirmation letters, and much more.

Having professional SOUND, LIGHT and LED SCREENS working well for your event or conference is important for the overall impression. We know the importance of having the right technology in place and can guide and offer you complete conference technology for your event. With our experience, you get a smooth and safe delivery of all parts. Usually, we are even present during the implementation and we are your safe partner in place to ensure that everything runs according to plan. Let your participants take part of the message with a neat setting and quality-assured technology. Testa oss så får du själv uppleva skillnaden!

We will help you tune up your presentation, invitation, conference programs, html letter or campaign. And in the future we will obviously help you with the layout of your roll ups, stage props or a large banner for the entrance. We have our own production facilities in-house and within our network to quickly assist you with anything that might be needed, for example: Presentations, Original, Visualizations, 3D, Flash animations and Web production.

Short and said, we will help you to enhance the appearance and message you want to convey and give your event a sleek profile. Or give us your profile manual and we will follow it.