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What do we do?

You know what message you want to send and the goals you want to reach. We are specialized in creating personal and virtual meetings and events. With our experience, expertise and creativity combined with your ideas and goals we can together create the impact you need to impress!

How we work?

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1. Assignment

1.The first thing we do is to work with our customers to identify and define the mission. What do you want to achieve? What image do you want to convey? What behaviors and perceptions would you change? There, in the middle of the overall strategy, our work takes its starting point.
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2. Idea

Even the most spectacular event falls flat without a good idea behind it. Again, it is in the interaction between people that this happens – the best ideas are born or refined when we sit down together. That is when the idea is clear and we can plan what should be done, by whom and how. Often we discover something astonishing: but with a good and clear idea, nothing says that it has to be something expensive.
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3. Responsibility

When we assume a project – big or small, as a total supplier or one of several – you can be assured that we take full responsibility. When we are delivering our services we can do it both, in work wear or in a suit. No prestige, no after effect. But a lot of hard work and responsibility.
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4. Cooperation

Good cooperation is always a prerequisite for a successful project and that is why we always put great emphasis on collecting information about the assignment. Because the better we know the feeling and character of the mission, the better our ideas will be. And consequently your results.
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5. Implementation

With a good idea and all details planned, we enter the next stage of our cooperation – the implementation! This is where it happens. Live broadcast straight into the recipient’s consciousness. Breathe calmly and feel how you can start to relax. We are concentrated on every single task on the roster, focused on the implementation and engaged in the result. Are you not feeling apprehensive and secure at the same time?
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6. Evaluation

Then, when the live broadcast is over and we have taken off our work wear and suits, it is time to follow up and evaluate. What went well and what can we do even better? What feedback did we receive from the participants? What is the effect of the event to your working place? We want to know these things in order to be even better next time. Our customers come back to us, because we manage to create impressions that will leave an impression!

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