Case: Alten


ALTEN Sweden has been a regular customer in recent years and we have together done several large conferences where all the company’s employees gathered under one roof.

In 2018, we produced a conference for all employees at the same time, but in a different format than before This is to minimize travel and thus enable even more employees to be on site.

We worked out the idea of ​​letting employees gather in their “home office” with their regional colleagues to watch a livestream conference in a talk show format, at the same time as all their other colleagues around the country.

The event concept for this Friday late afternoon we chose to call Friday Night Live with ALTEN.

Employees were invited to five different locations around Sweden, according to regional offices.
The main stage for the event and host, Kristoffer Appelqvist, was built up in Gothenburg and it was also from there that the broadcast was controlled. To also get the feeling and pulse from the other four venues a camerateam and reporters were also on place

On the main stage in Gothenburg, interviews were conducted, which could be seen in real time in the other places. Videos from business case were also shown with selected employees in focus. As a conclusion to the evening’s live broadcast, a competition was also held where two participants in each location competed in different parts of a thrilling match.
The evening ended with a festive mingle buffet and a great party in all five venues.

The event was a real wow experience on several levels. Showing the breadth of the company through everyone’s opportunity for attendance as many of the employees did not have to travel long distances to be able to participate contributed to a record number of participants!
Several employees were allowed to contribute to the event in various roles during the live broadcast including as reporters and hosts on stage but also in the reportage films that were shown.

The customer received a very good response from their employees who liked the format.
For its own part, the concept of LIVE was put at its peak, which was exciting, developing but above all very fun. Getting the broadcast together in all places with the good result was a real boost and gave a feeling of wanting to do it again.

Quote from customer: “We are very satisfied with Imponera´s delivery since our collaboration started five years ago. They know us as a company and we like their personal touch, their sensitivity to us as a customer, how they let us participate and how they always help us deliver inspiring conferences and memories to all our employees. We can highly recommend them to others, whether large or small events, parties or conferences! ”
Andreas Johansson
Event Manager, ALTEN Sverige