Case: Länsförsäkringar Östagöta

Event for Generational change

In October 2020, we started up our collaboration with Länsförsäkringar Östgöta with focus to develop their digital events. We have helped LFÖ to produce a large number of internal and external digital events, AGM, board meetings, employee meetings and customer events.

LFÖ invited customers for a informative and inspiriting event aimed at their agricultural customers to inform on what to keep in mind when discussing generational change in agricultural sector.

In previous years, these meetings have been physical meetings, but this year due to the pandemic we had to change it to a completely digital event.

The event was broadcasted live on a weekday evening and included several presentations and Q&A session.

With our help, in the form of project meetings, support with driving schedule and direction, genre rehearsal and coaching during live broadcast, we got to a really knowledge-transferring evening!

The viewers experienced the event as innovative and relevant with a high knowledge transfer, which means that we succeeded very well with our goal for the event.