Case: Linköpings kommun

Swedish National Day 2020

We are proud to be the official event agency for Linköping Municipality since 2014 and have over the years carried out many different types of events to different extents. Everything from ceremonies, conferences, management meetings, trade fairs and exhibitions, etc.

The municipality of Linköping has annually arranged a national day celebration where thousands of Linköping residents have gathered in Old Linköping around various activities, entertainment and celebrations. But this was canceled in the spring of 2020, like much else, due to the pandemic.

In accordance with our agreement, where we will be a creative partner, we chose to present an innovative proposal for the 2020 National Day celebrations.

We presented proposals for program items, layout and timetable that resulted in a live broadcast from Old Linköping, in the middle of the day, June 6, which could be seen free of charge via Linköping Municipality’s website.

A moderator guided the viewers through an hour-long program with invited guests, flying reporters who visited various places in Linköping. Of course, there was also flag hoisting and live music from Linköping’s School music corps.

We were responsible for project management during the preparatory work, rehearsals and live show.

We had contact with all participants and were responsible for all technic set up and together with our colleagues were able to produce all pre-recorded films. We became a complete supplier for the digital national day celebration in Linköping – a format that the customer was very happy with and where you could also see the program afterwards on the municipality’s website.